Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Does anyone ever notice Korean brands love to use paper packaging? :o

My finger tips cracked all the time due to excessive practicing on violin and it really annoyed me :/ What surprised me is that TONY MOLY HAS OPENED THEIR STORE IN MY CITY!! Guys, this is exciting lol since Tony Moly isn't that popular at here- my country so I never expect this would happen. I've been waiting Etude House anxiously to open their store here coz it has higher visibility + mah fave but they do not :/ That's why I was like: wtf?! when saw Tony Moly's large store rofl~

I WAS already in love with this peach hand cream when I checked it out online and it also has another flavor which is orange along this series (magic forest) but i hate it, unacceptable heavy odor plus peach is more cute ^_^

(Korean): No refund available after opening

Right (Korean): Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Spin up the upper part of the peach and you'll see a thin protective cover.

It seems white in color but it's actually a very very very light baby pink!!! and the cream is sorta sticky like most body lotion/sunscreen. and, GUESS WHAT?!
It has a freaking nice fragrance just like a REAL peach!! Super nice and makes me feel comfortable :))) If you judge a product via its smell, I'll tell you that this hand cream gets ten points out of ten for that part lololol the odor is so-oh AWESOME!

Absorbs by your skin once you spread it all evenly but you'll still feel sticky at all honestly (Shining part in the picture below)

I checked some reviews before purchasing it and they said it's not sticky, uh, the truth is: THEY LIED. I apply it every night before I go to bed and whenever I touch my blanket I feel uncomfortable :/ but the stickiness is still barely acceptable :)

I've tried it for a week and I do see some improvement, it also makes my skin smoother :D
If you ask for comparison, I bought Kanebo hand cream before, it's also creamy and has nice fragrance, wouldn't feel sticky after apply it (which is better than Tony Moly's.) but it doesn't improve anything, unfortunately.

All above are for your information only :)


  1. I've just started to look at Korean and Japanese make up brands and these is definitely something I'll be buying! Can you recommend me any other brands that you love?

    1. Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Its Skin, Etude House from Korea
      Can make and Candy dolls from Japan
      that is my Fave :)