Wednesday, November 16, 2011

16-11-2011: Fake lashes

Received my fake lashes that I purchased from Taobao before & I'm quite satisfied with them :)
2 pairs of upper lashes and 1 pair of lower lashes plus a falsies container.

It's an imitation of Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka but they look exactly the same, the only difference is that the logo of "Dolly Wink" isn't printed on it, but still lovely right? ^_^

Upper falsies No.003, imitation of Dolly Wink No.1. It lengthens at the end and isn't that exaggerated, that's why I love it!

Upper falsies No.801, imitation of Popteen "Nature is lovely 3-1", it has very good fiber length, stud clear and very naturally, perfect curling degree as well!

Lower falsies No.K24, pure handmade lashes from Taiwan. I don't like anything too Gyaru-style and exaggerated so this one is totally perfect for me :) It looks just like your real lower lashes!

I talked to the seller (from China) for a while and he/she/they'd like some selcas from me with their lashes, so I was like why not then I took these photos :) When I told them I'm not from China I'm from where and my ethnicity etc they were like OM-GOSH! This is crazy that their falsies are selling overseas, hahah.

So here are the selcas, I took some only for No.003 cuz I'm lazy... =P

Dolly Wink eyelashes case is damn expensive and it doesn't worth it price honestly, when I received this imitation I was totally phewed that I didn't buy the real one coz it's actually very mini and made by the most common material, we know what's that. I love Tsubasa Masuwaka but it doesn't mean that I'm that kind of I-love-her-so-I-MUST-buy-everything-endorsed-by-her person, sometimes that's just a performance of vanity and kind of silly...

Here's the comparison pic of the case with Etude House brush container + Tony Moly hand cream, see how adorable and mini it is! haha!

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