Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The world is filled with sunshine today! 2011年11月15日 - 傑西方 -

Sitting on the edge of my bed and viewing the green grass outside the balcony,it's happiness that nothing can compare with :) Joyfulness, thankfulness and everything

A newly bought Hello Kitty rattan bag, another in yellow has been given to Sophie as a graduation gift. She was completely happy and didn't even realize it's a Hello Kitty!

Digging my wardrobe and found this red dolly dress. I suddenly realized that I NEVER wear it to any places, dates and etc and I was thinking why lol, soon I remembered, hah, it's bcoz i thought i look like a pregnant woman when wearing it -.-

Another rattan hat with a not-so-nice-and-obvious bow on it, also during the air-transportation the staff squeezed my hat in the box so it loses its shape and kinda deformed :/ I was a little bit unhappy and distressed when received it and trying to save it by using few stacks of heavy book and placed them on the edge of the hat for some days. Finally they looked better.

All above are views of my back cuz I didn't wear any makeups 2011年11月15日 - 傑西方 -
also, I was staying at home for whole day coz i was sick lol.

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